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Pono Collectives from 2022 & 2023


Oahu, Hawaii

Jon Ching
General Supervisor, Waialua Estate Coffee and Cacao

Juli Burden
Coffee Research Technician, Hawaii Agricultural Research Center

Abigail Joslyn
Chief Operations Officer, Honolulu Coffee Company

Tim Gugudan
Director of Coffee Quality and Education, Honolulu Coffee Company

Timothy ‘TK’ Yamada
Owner, Try Coffee

Brittany Horn
Educator, Founder, and Co-Owner, Pacific Coffee Research

Madeleine Longoria Garcia
Educator & Co-Owner, Pacific Coffee Research

Delvin Navarro
Owner, Hawaiian Monarch Coffee (Navarro Farms)

Armando and Karina Rodriguez
Founders, Aloha Star Coffee Farms


Nick Berardi
2022 US Coffee Roasting Champion

Towa Ikawa
2019 US Aeropress Champion

El Salvador

Ing. Danilo Jimenez
Head of Agircultural department J.J. Borja Nathan – Coffee Mill Agua Caliente

Osmany Landaverde
Q Grader, Head of Quality Control J.J. Borja Nathan

Ing. Manuel Zepeda
General Manager J.J. Borja Nathan

Emilio López
Owner – Odyssey Coffees / TOPECA Coffee Roasters

Manuel Cuerno Rico
President of ACESA – Asociacion de Chefs de El Salvador

Jairo Palacios
Production Manager – VIVA ESPRESSO

Rebeca Ibañez
Barista Master / Qgrader – VIVA ESPRESSO


Felix Teiretzbacher
2022 WCRC World Coffee Roasting Champion

Oahu, Hawaii

Jon Ching
General Supervisor, Waialua Estate Coffee and Cacao

Dylan Butterbaugh
Owner, Mānoa Chocolate

Brandon Fairchild
Chocolate Sommelier, Mānoa Chocolate

Rodney Weddle
VP, Executive Chef La Tour Bakehouse

Alan Martin
Production Manager Diamond Bakery