The Pono Collective is a celebration of coffee and champions, enabling roasters and producers in the coffee supply chain to collaborate with culinary programs, their students, and restaurants.

It brings to light the necessity of coffee growing regions to work together with local culinary stakeholders to incorporate and promote the art of Specialty Coffee in restaurants and future generations.

Through the platform, knowledge can transcend and stimulate thought leadership to bring meaningful improvements at a grassroots level to the local coffee industry. Uplifting Specialty Coffee and weaving it into the culinary industry through education and future generations is the key goal of Pono Collective.

The success of Pono Collective has also expanded outside of the coffee industry. Our format for instruction has proven to be effective and engaging, serving as a model for food related industries to collaborate with culinary programs and their students to discover, experience, and connect.

Want to get involved? Contact your Customer Success Partner to learn more and join us in our quest to support and share knowledge to the next generation!



Jon Ching
General Supervisor, Waialua Estate Coffee and Cacao

Dylan Butterbaugh
Owner, Mānoa Chocolate

Brandon Fairchild
Chocolate Sommelier, Mānoa Chocolate

Rodney Weddle
VP, Executive Chef La Tour Bakehouse

Alan Martin
Production Manager Diamond Bakery

Marc Marquez
Director of Coffee, Q Grader Savor Brands

Ryson Nakamasu
Operations Manager, Honolulu Coffee

Tim Gugudan
Director of Quality & Education, Honolulu Coffee

James Cho
Maintenance Manager, Honolulu Coffee

Ramiro Magana
Mauka Farm Manager, Honolulu Coffee

Madeleine Longoria Garcia
Co-Owner, Q Grader, Pacific Coffee Research

Kealakaiokalani (Alaka‘i) Kapanui
Head Roaster, Q Grader, Pacific Coffee Research

Eric Musil
Equipment Technician, Q Grader, Pacific Coffee Research

Kelleigh Stewart
Co-Founder, Big Island Coffee Roasters

Brandon Damitz
Co-Founder, Big Island Coffee Roasters

Miles Mayne
Owner, Coffee Producer, Silver Cloud Coffee Farm

Vincent Pohaku
Co-Owner, Drip Studio HNL

Kelsie Uehara
Co-Owner, Drip Studio HNL

Brian Burik
Co-Owner, Head Roaster, Tradition Coffee Roasters

Lindsey Burik
Co-Owner, Tradition Coffee Roasters

Mehmet Sogan
Co-Founder, Memli Coffee Lab


Andrew Coe
2023 US Coffee Roasting Champion




707 Richards St #405,
Honolulu, HI 96813



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